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And how you can improve your behavior

My dogs were the things that made my life complete. When I first got a dog, though, let me tell you — it will probably be the hardest thing that happened to me until I get children.

They are confusing, manipulative (rarely, though, only when they want your burger), and poop a lot. I mean, a cute package always comes with a hefty price tag.

But after all that stress, you better believe your life finally becomes fun. Well, it’s complicated.


Is your dog a Taurus? No wonder they’re sleeping all the time

No two dogs are ever exactly the same. Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, from small to big, and from lazy, to vase-breaking energetic (sigh.) If anything, the most compatible ones sometimes actually have different personalities.

I have two dogs named Charlie and Coco. I’ve had them for four years now, and we all love each other in unique ways. My smaller dog, Coco, only wants to play all day, whereas Charlie wants to just relax and can only tolerate him for so long. …

Perspective Piece

And it’s scientific…I promise this time it’s true

Many times we dog owners are accused that everything we say is bs. I mean, I swear my dog knows I’m going to leave my house before I even know myself. But, those beliefs aside, the fact that my dog looks just like me may be something (and something I thought about a lot) that actually is true.

Many of us have probably seen those photos of humans next to their furry pals with goofy hairstyles or faces that look almost identical to their dog. We (or, at least I) think, do I look like my dog? Then, I look…

Animal Anecdote

And other “weird” things about him

Most dogs love to play for hours and are always finding new things to do. All our furry buds need is love, care, playtime, sleep, and some training. But because of all the extra time they have on their “hands”, they can get hobbies that sometimes include very interesting things.

About four years ago, I got two puppies who either share my house with me or think I share the house with them. I have a Poodle and a Yorkie named Charlie and Coco. …


No… Jumping all over you is not a sign of affection

As I was petting my dog the other day I wondered how he saw me as a person-

if he loved me as much as I love him.

Cuddling with my dog and being with him 24/7 is my hobby. What can I say? I’m a dog person — big time. I’ve always associated random actions that my dog did to him showing me love — Barking at intruders meant he loved me. Staring into my soul was a sign of affection.

What I’ve realized from now having my pup for over 4 years is that not everything that seemed…

Realization of hidden emotions

I found love in a simple game I discovered while traveling through the App Store. I asked my mother to purchase it, and within a second, I was obsessed. This was all at the age of ten. Many years later, the game still hadn’t ended. Well, technically, that specific game had ended, but I was still trapped in the wonderful world of mobile gaming, defeating last levels for eternity.

It started with social media. Social media is made of mostly moderately innocent platforms, designed to better your day. Some people use it to grasp the illusion of temporary contentment from…

How to be comfortable in your “trash” and stop evading yourself

“Leo, clean your room or I’m taking away your laptop.”

Growing up, my parents always reminded me to stay organized. I grew up with the mindset that productivity comes with tidiness. My life was focused on cleaning, and staying clean every second of every day if I wanted my electronic privileges.

At 8:00 am, my bed was made, curtains were drawn, my desk was cleared, and dishes were put away. I was just waiting for my mom to wake up.

And after two hours, she did.

I always felt unfinished. I felt like I needed to be doing more. I…

Sometimes the only person who can help you is you

I feel the soft cushion of my bed against my back. I see my dog laying on the ground. My eyes open, and I could feel the stiffness of my neck, worsening by the second as I slowly wake up. I must have moved around so much that my dog couldn’t take it anymore and jumped off my bed. I don’t blame my dog because I would too.

I’m sitting in the middle of my ill-lit room; I accidentally left my damaged lamp on because I had given up hope of it living again. I hear the fluorescent buzzing noise…

Animal Advocacy

and how you can

Owning two puppies, I have always wondered whether they knew how much I love them. I have tried many things — giving them way too many treats to smothering them with kisses. Nothing ever seemed to work, though.

Finding an effective way to show your pup how much they mean to you can be tricky, and if they don’t seem to get what you are trying to communicate, you may be wondering if they even love you.

Some things that may work with humans when showing affection can have the complete opposite effect on dogs. …

The principles I live by every day are inspired by my experiences around the world

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing” Helen Keller.

O n Thursday, July 4, 2019, I traveled to Europe. Five months of travel later, my life had changed forever. Traveling was a bumpy spiritual road with many twists and turns, some unexpecting detours, but in the end, I know I made the right choice. When I look at myself a year ago compared to now, I know I am different.

Going on an adventure not only meant meeting new people and trying new things, though the most critical aspect of travel was the substantial change it created in…

Leo Campos

Basically a big diary but a little more informative. Hope it helps you.

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